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Retro Tazze, Mugs

Retro Tazze, Mugs, Frog, Bubble, Amiga

Amiga 600 Expansion Ram KIT FAST PACK!

Home Made top quality KIT for Amiga 600
8 MB card + CF 8GB
Options are controlled via jumper (PCMCIA Compatible 4MB).

Dimension of pcb is 50x35mm only. You can insert CADDY and close upper shield of Amiga!
Works on KICKSTART 2.05 (37.350)

Commodore C64 AMIGA Joy to PC USB adapter

Home Made DB9 TO USB adapter.
You can connect STANDARD C64 or AMIGA Joy to PC via USB.
NO LAG, 2 SEPARATED BUTTONS (needs Joy with 2 SEPARATED buttons, A and B).
NO cable, needs USB (printer) cable.

Amiga 1200 Compact flash 8GB x Whdload

Home Made BOX with CF labeled as Pictures!
100% Tested on Amiga 1200 kickstart 3.0-3.1
Needs Expansion Board for use WHDLOAD!